Leadership care

Pre-sale and after-sales follow-up guidance, so that you have no worries

Leadership care

            "Xiaohe has a sharp point and has already stood on the top." Since its inception, the company has received various

                                                                levels of leadership.The guidance is highly valued and caring, and the leaders’ forward-looking instructions point the 

                                                                way for the company.Adding development momentum, the company is making great strides on the road of pioneering 

                                                                and innovation, forging ahead!

Wang Xiaodong (third from left), deputy secretary of the Hubei Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of 

                                                            China, investigated the company and encouraged the company to rely on technology.Innovation, the combination 

                                                            of production, study and research.

               Feng Xiaolin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hubei Provincial Committee and political commissar of

                                                                theProvincial Military Region, visited the company. He hopes the companyPractice social responsibility and develop 

                                                                healthily and steadily.

         Liu Xuerong (third from right), secretary of the CPC Huanggang Municipal Committee, visited the company. 

                                                                    hopeThrough scientific and technological innovation, the company gathers human, material, and financial 

                                                                    resources, and strives for it with high spirits.The spirit of the evening has achieved rapid development.

         Qiu Lixin (second from left), deputy secretary of the CPC Huanggang Municipal Committee, inspected the company's

                                                             workshop. She is strongIt is necessary to deepen the structural reform of the supply side and promote industrial 

                                                             transformation and upgrading.

 Ma Yanzhou (fourth from right), secretary of the CPC Huangmei County Party Committee, visited the company. 

                                                             He hopesThe company strengthens management, innovates products, and strives for the right to speak in the industry.