demand information

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demand information

Due to the company's production needs, we need the following raw materials all the year round and in large quantities. We warmly welcome friends from home and abroad to contact us for negotiation and cooperation.

1. Plastic resins such as PE, EVA and PA

1, EVA {7470M 6110M N8038, etc.}

2, POE {740 840 940 8200, etc.}

3, PE{6098 7042 F00952 218W, etc.

Second, PE recycling materials

1, PE optical cable leather

2, PE plastic particles {HDPE LDPE LLDPE}

3, PE broken materials {such as gas pipes, blue barrels, etc.}

4. Sub-brand materials and scraps of various petrochemical manufacturers

Third, special materials

1. Aluminum hydroxide {5000 mesh or more}

2, magnesium hydroxide

3, a variety of plastic additives, antioxidants, compatibilizers and antistatic agents

4, PA{PA6, PA12}

Remarks: The above sources of materials include foreign imports.