Talent Strategy

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Talent Strategy

Talents are the first productive force to promote the development of the enterprise, and the talents are prosperous! The company respects and values every employee, pays attention to the construction of talent team and the creation of excellent teams. We create conditions to attract people, build platforms to train people, and create mechanisms to activate people. The company's development provides strong momentum.

Talent introduction: The company establishes a flexible talent introduction mechanism, and opens up channels such as campus recruitment, social recruitment, and headhunting, and recruits talents; it can create excellent working and living environment for employees and provide generous treatment and retain talents.

Talent training: The company establishes a systematic talent training system to provide employees with learning opportunities to receive new information, learn new knowledge, and acquire new skills, to stimulate employees' enthusiasm for learning, to help employees grow, and to establish a talent pool and adopt a scientific method. Managed and trained a group of employees with a strong sense of honor.

Talent use: The company provides each employee with broad development space and fair and reasonable personal development opportunities, so that outstanding talents stand out, so that the subjective initiative of employees can be maximized, and the internal potential is maximized.

Glory and dreams will always inspire the progress of the Kopuda people. We look forward to working hand in hand with people with lofty ideals to create a better future together!